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Section hoses

Higher efficiency, durability, and sustainability at highest demands to your transport and conveying equipment

“Riboflex S” is a suction hose that permits operation subject to internal pressure. The interior once again features the continuous high-quality PU wear layer, reinforced with cord fabric. The cross-section must also be supported against negative pressure by installing reinforcement rings outside of the wear layer. FKM offers two options for these rings:
  1. Steel rings are commonly used in rubber hoses as well. They offer the advantage of a high stiffening effect across a small cross-section. Their disadvantage, on the other hand, is that the steel rings force a circular cross-section when bending the hose, while the hose tries to take on an oval one. At stronger bending, this may turn the hose unstable and cause it to buckle along the inner radius between two rings. In contrast to internal pressure, this indentation will be retrained in extraction mode.
  2. Hard polyurethane rings are applied by rotational molding. They follow ovalization when the hose is bent to a degree, preventing the hose from buckling in a specific point. On top of this, they make disposal of the easier due to adding less metal. Their disadvantage is requiring large ring cross-sections that exceed nominal diameters of approx. 400 mm.
The extraction hoses can be manufactured with different flange connections.

Our patented new development of polyurethane suction/pressure-extraction hoses not only offers the user two or three times the wear resistance, but is also very environmentally friendly in production, application, and disposal.
All user-specific hoses with the desired nominal widths and lengths are available with the corresponding end designs to meet different technical requirements such as pressure ranges, tensile strengths, bending radii, and other parameters.
Our PU dredger hoses are produced on a computer-controlled coating technology in Germany in a rotational molding process, guaranteeing quick delivery of our products.

Sketches: Extraction hose structure