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Hydraulic engineering for above- and underground work on the terrain as well as on bodies of water is a fascinating segment.

Our hose segments are primarily meant for transporting mixtures of water and abrasive particles of various sizes. Operating temperatures are in the range of approx. 0 to 50 °C. The outer shell may heat up to even higher temperatures due to solar radiation. We produce hose segments at nominal diameters from 200 to 650 mm. Lengths range from approx. 1 to 12 m. We are generally very flexible in terms of dimensions and can adapt to your preferences.

These hose segment characteristics primarily address the following markets:

  • Sand and gravel production (dredging)
  • Large hydraulic engineering
  • Tunneling (bentonite transport)

Other market segments that also transport abrasive media include mining, the steel and cement industries.