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Ribopur, a tried and tested mixture … or a new recipe for your special requirements

FKM processes various PU systems into roll coverings (polyester, polyether, polycarbonate PU) under the shared name of Ribopur. The name suggests that the coverings are produced by rotational casting. The liquid PU system is poured directly onto the rotating roller core in rotational molding. The casting head moves along the roller body in the process to create a closed layer. This process is enabled by a highly accelerated chemical reaction that causes material to solidify at once without dripping. The advantages are evident: Casting molds are not required. The lining can be built up in different layers. It often is not necessary to dismantle the bearings, as the roll does not have to be subsequently annealed.

Due to the different chemical systems, the coverings can be adapted to the application conditions details. A common focus is on mechanical, thermal, or chemical resilience. The potential uses are accordingly diverse, including, e.g.:

  • Deflector rolls
  • Carrying rolls
  • Driving and brake rolls
  • Steering rolls
  • S-rolls
  • Measuring rolls
  • Stretching rolls
  • Squeeze rolls

The design as a lightweight roll should also be mentioned. In this case, the PU lining is applied to a fiber-composite roll body. Due to their low weight, these rolls can be installed easily in places that are difficult to reach. The simultaneously small mass inertia permits steep acceleration without slippage while reducing wear. This is why the lightweight rolls are often used, for example, as carrying rollers in horizontal accumulators of pickling lines in the steel industry or as deflection rollers in vertical accumulators for copper strips with sensitive surfaces.

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