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Pressure hoses

An innovation in conveyor technology with extremely high strength and low abrasion

FKM produces the universal pressure hose “Riboflex P” for a vast variety of transport tasks. Its design does not allow use of this type of hose as an extraction hose.

The hose segments are applied with an inner continuous wear layer of high-quality PU. Its thickness does not reduce even where the flanges are, preventing premature wear and local turbulence at the flanges alike. The wear layer is covered in a layer of cord fabric embedded in PU. Depending on this layer’s thickness, the hose can resist pressures as specified by the application. Common operating pressures are in the range of 10 to 25 bar, with a safety factor of 3. An outer PU covering protects the supporting element from damage.

The pressure hoses can be supplied with different flange connections. A gasket is provided on the flange faces. However, sleeve hoses are also available.

Our patented new development of polyurethane extraction/pressure-extraction hoses not only offers the user two or three times the wear resistance, but is also very environmentally friendly in production, application, and disposal.

All user-specific hoses with the desired nominal widths and lengths are available with the corresponding end designs to meet different technical requirements such as pressure ranges, tensile strengths, bending radii, and other parameters.

Our PU dredger hoses are produced on a computer-controlled coating technology in Germany in a rotational molding process, guaranteeing quick delivery of our products.

Sketches: Pressure hose structure