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FKM Walzentechnik Dr. Freudenberg GmbH welcomes you.

We specialize in non-woven and polyurethane roller coatings and are experts in effective hydraulic engineering technologies. Our customers trust in our expertise and our innovative power. After all, efficiency and precision are indispensable for their production processes and they benefit immediately from the developments and service of
FKM Walzentechnik as a result.

Competencies | The divisions

Roller technology

We are the right partner for surface-friendly material treatment and smooth processes in companies that produce or refine flat metal or build corresponding plants. Our polyurethane or non-woven roll coverings permit customer-specific solutions thanks to our own service and engineering expertise.

Dredging & Mining

We are the right partner for any companies that transport sand, gravel, sludge, or similarly abrasive materials in flexible pipes and aiming for environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions with short times to delivery. Our conveyor hose segments of polyurethane with corresponding accessories allow robust and reliable applications while keeping life-cycle costs low.

Competencies | The materials


Non-wovens are fabrics made of fibers that are not woven or knitted together but placed in an irregular, felted structure. Basic fiber materials are often finished with an impregnating mass to improve the properties to comply with requirements.


The chemical industry offers a vast range of polyols, prepolymers, crosslinkers, and other formulation ingredients. FKM is competent in developing formulations and recipes from such precursors, adapted to customer requirements. The choice of polyol is particularly vital.

MEDIA | Latest News

New casting technology enables thicker polyurethane layers

In rotational molding of polyurethane onto roll cores or as a hose, it is possible to achieve particularly thick layers by casting.
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Insight into the market of the Indian flat metal industry

At the end of the year, the FKM team was in Mumbai at the METEC India trade fair and presented their nonwovens for...
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FKM at the international trade fair METEC in India

The steel industry in India is a growing market for all kinds of roller coverings. FKM Walzentechnik is particularly interested in the niche...
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