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Experience, tact, and speed are of the essence if there is any incident.

Fault service

Faulty may occur even if the rolls supplied have no quality defects. In such cases, the issue often is with the operating conditions, or some problem in the interaction between the system and the roll has been overlooked or improperly assessed. In such cases, we will be happy to contribute our experience and technical center to help determine the faulty function. Our job will only be done when the rolls are running to your satisfaction.

Transport service

You may expect our parts to not only be made in the perfect condition, but also to arrive at your doorstep like that. We provide the conditions for this by way of proper packaging and effective protection against corrosion. This applies in particular to maritime transport. Of course, you are also free to choose your terms of delivery. We can provide anything from “ex works” to “free delivery”.

Identification service

In particular complex coverings and rolls are managed in our database based on part numbers under which we record the part’s life cycle to show any work performed, including its time and reason.

Overhaul service

It often isn’t necessary to put in a new roll or lining. Repair or maintenance measures may be quite sufficient. We offer:
  • Grinding
    We offer turning and grinding services in order to restore the quality of the surface of a used roll lining.
  • Partial improvement of non-woven coverings
    Local damage to high-value non-woven coverings often can be repaired locally without replacing the lining as a whole. Parts of the damaged lining may be removed on a lathe before pressing in new material from the lining ends. If damage is very small, repairs can even be performed at the customer’s premises.
  • Maintenanc
    FKM cleans and maintains your roll bearings and bearing units. Damaged or worn bearing seats are rebuilt and ground to the tolerances.