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Insight into our technical centre: rollers on the test bench for the automotive industry

The FKM rollers made of non-woven material are used in the pressing plants of the automotive industry. The sheet metal parts are cleaned in blank washing machines with the help of brush rollers and washing oil. The washing oil must then be squeezed off again to obtain an even oil film of about one gram per square metre, which then provides the right lubrication for the subsequent deep-drawing processes.

In order to achieve this even oil film over a width of up to four metres, we have the highest quality requirements for the material and surfaces of our squeeze rollers. Experiments on site often disrupt the processes in the factory. That’s why we get an idea of the expected result in advance on a test bench in the FKM technical centre. For example, we develop new nonwoven coverings for our customers or test the interaction of known coverings with a certain washing oil. An exciting challenge for our specialists to test new types of processes for automotive customers and bring them to application maturity.

The photo gives an insight into our modern technical centre. Here, two test rollers are in operation under realistic conditions and the bottom roller feeds oil from the reservoir into the roller nip.