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FKM develops new, low-cost nonwoven material for the automotive industry

In press shops of Asian car manufacturers worldwide, mostly blank washing machines of Asian origin are used. Mixtures of solvents and oil with low viscosity are often used as the washing medium. Since Asian machines do not allow any leeway in the roller diameter, it is hardly possible to regrind the squeeze rollers with non-woven coverings in case of damage. Therefore, new coverings for rollers should be particularly cost-effective.

We at FKM Walzentechnik have taken up the requirements of our automotive partners and developed a new nonwoven material VNP 09 D for the hardness range from 75 to 90 ShA. This enables us to offer coverings at the price level of Asian manufacturers, especially in Europe – and without our partners having to accept the logistical disadvantages of delivery from Asia.

News from the laboratory at FKM: Here you can see the squeeze-off results from our test stand for the new nonwoven covering VNP 09 D with hardness 85 ShA. The washing agent is solvent-based.